How to Register McAfee subscription on your Lenovo Laptop?

Register McAfee Subscription on Lenovo Laptop

Registering a MIS/MAA/MTP/MAV subscription at for Lenovo laptops is easy through a retail card. Further, when you go to a retail site or a retail store to purchase a Lenovo Laptop with McAfee Subscription then you’ll want to activate. Then, to find your product key the seller will give you a McAfee retail card. In registration it’ll help you. Though, the advantage of having a retail card is that you get the most latest version of your product. Read below how to register a subscription on Lenovo Laptop.

Register McAfee subscription on your Lenovo via

➔ For instruction on how to redeem the McAfee security read McAfee subscription cards on both sides.

➔ Then, visit the registration link. i.e.

➔ After, opening the link fill in the form with complete information which has been given on screen like E-Mail, Name, Country etc.

➔ Now, for McAfee installation fill your retail-card’s key.

➔ Next, click On ‘Submit’ button and follow the upcoming instruction.

Where internet connections are slow a McAfee subscription is great in that case. Also, if you want to re-install your McAfee Security fastly for some reason they are also nice. As, they have all the necessary files in one place.

Some tips to Activate McAfee Security on your Lenovo

Only a McAfee Security retail card gives you the advantage of getting your hands on the latest product. Below are some tips on how to activate and register McAfee Internet Security on your Lenovo laptop through a retail card:


  • You might not be following the given instructions properly if a McAfee Internet Security fails to download, install, or activate.
  • Check if an antivirus program is already installed on your system. Uninstall it and remove it from the system properly.
  • Ensure that the new updates of your operating system are installed on your system, and that they are suitable with your McAfee Internet Security. (You can find the minimum system requirement in the product manual that comes with your retail card, or online too).